Of Mice and DragonBorn

First Night

Of Mice and DragonBorn


Our new heroes are three DragonBorn brothers, bound by blood and loyalty to each other. One a Cleric, one a Paladin and one…... a something neither of the other two are quite sure of (but acts a lot like a Warlock).

More Backstory to follow

And now our story

Continuing from “Playin in a Travelin Band” Campain

Brought to you by Keith

After traversing town to town, looking to right wrongs, the brothers 3 of Clan [name to be determined] happened upon a Tavern where they ran into a roddy and beaten Dwarven fighter who was chasing after a pack of yellow-spined musicians fleeing an encounter they should never have met to begin with.

The Dwarf requested the aid of the brothers 3 to help investigate a terrible happening at a mine of his village’s. The brothers agreed and followed. Descending into the mine they surveyed the remains of a somewhat comical display of what should have been an easy battle. They pushed inward to a set of double doors to which the Cleric and Paladin pushed through. Immediately they were met with skittering kobold spears that pinned them in the entryway. What followed was a stream of kobolds filling in where the dead fell, and a white dragon emerged after a preliminary racial epithet against our Dragonborn brothers. An exchange and volley of insults, chance of parley, and a pile of fried Kobolds ensued until one Brother fell, then the dragon fell. The fallen brother came to just as the trapped dwarves emerged from their cells, and the group was allowed to plunder the remains of the dragon’s small, but significant horde.

A small addition

As the dwarves cleaned their home/mine of the bodies and debris, the party was splitting up the spoils from the “throne”. Jorg Coppertop (of Coppertop Mining Inc.) took the 20 gold that was his offering the rest to those who rescued him and his men. As the brothers were dividing the gold and silver and looking over an odd basket the dwarven guard who had helped slay the dragonling eyed the pile longingly. The brothers offered him a job accompanying them and the use of his maul. After a small debate, by Gesh, on the amount in question an agreement was made. Goku, which turned out to be the Dwarf’s name would earn a fair share (1/4) of all “monetary” gains, anything more to be decided at the time of procurement. Goku, who had just made more than a half years wages in one day, had a smile on his face that could hold up a mountain.

As everyone gathered for some dinner the brothers were investigating the odd basket. Once opened it was found to contain a large amount of food, enough to last them an entire day. Feeling generous they shared the food with the freed Dwarves who gave them slightly better directions towards GobWatch Keep.

On the trail the next day the group ran into some nasty wolves looking for someone to eat (the Dwarf looked Delicious, the Dragonmen not so much). During a very short scuffle the party moved on, leaving the wolves no longer hungry (mostly because they were deceased). As soon as they were back on the trail they were assailed by a very confused, and very big, Cave Bear; which immediately turned into a very big very angry Cave Bear. Even though the Bear was more than they could handle the Brothers + Dwarf managed to defeat the animal. Gryndor managed to compel the beast to face him in combat immediately before turning and fleeing like the wind, as the bear passed the rest of the group they all took swings against it. Gryndor would turn and attack just long enough to hold the compulsion then turn and flee again circling back towards the others so they could attack again. And so this went on for quite some time Gryndor parading around bear in tow while Gesh, Goku and Ahz just stand there waiting for the next pass. After the Bear was summarily defeated our adventurers made camp, preparing for the next day.



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